Both Sides Have it Wrong.

The Immigration debate is going in the wrong direction on both sides. The left believes that the hard-working undocumented immigrants should stay here because they contribute to the economy of this great nation.

In contrast, some on the right believe that undocumented immigrants should go back to their country because they are not here legally. They see them as criminals who have done more harm than good.

As a result, the right wants to eliminate the incentives that motivate undocumented immigrants to remain in this country so that they don’t have any other option other than leave. On the other hand, the left offers all kinds of help to the immigrant community with the argument that is the right thing to do.

The problem is that when the left has the power it does not do an effort to legalize the undocumented so that they are not living as “criminals” according to the law. This puts the hard-working immigrants at a great risk because they don’t have a way to defend themselves when they are being attacked.

The mistake of some of the right is that they want to send all undocumented immigrants back to the country because the law says it. But they don’t acknowledge that immigrants created this country and continue to do so. Many say that they don’t want illegal immigration but they don’t offer a solution and instead avoid discussing the issue.

The only politician who understands the problem and who wants to fix it is Republican Senator Rand Paul (K). He wants to enforce the security in the border something that many presidents have done in the past. He also wants to legalize those hard-working undocumented immigrants who continue the legacy of those first immigrants who came here in search of freedom and opportunity to create wealth through hard work and education.

Kevin de Leon from California is an example of how the left has defended the undocumented community with incentives.28276253_2012944815385687_2991559164890044301_n.jpg

Ted Cruz Senator from Texas does not believe in immigration reform at all.ted-cruz-2014.jpg


Thoughts on the violent​ acts that took place in Virginia​.

The violent acts that took place this past Saturday in the state of Virginia should be condemned as president Trump has mentioned. Since president Trump took office there have been many violent protests all over the country. People who are against Trump has destroyed university campuses and has beat up many Trump supporters, but many of these acts have not been televised, why? because is not in the interest of the media to show the truth.

I personally believe that anybody has the right to protest, but nobody has the right to harm others. Both the extreme left and now the so-called “extreme right” the Nazis should be put in jail because they are a danger to society and to the ideals that make this a great country. They have a right to protest but not to use violence against those who disagree with them.

It is time for everyone to wake up and realize that these extreme groups don’t represent America or its people. We also need to understand that we have the moral responsibility to condemn any acts of violence and demand that those who commit them pay the consequences. But more importantly, we should stop blaming any side because if we do we will end up in a civil war.

Capitalism in Cuba?

According to the RT news, Fidel Castro the former leader of Cuba has died today November 25, 2016 at 90. Can his death and the end of the Cuba Embargo bring capitalism to Cuba?

By ending the Cuba embargo we can have fair trade with them. This would benefit both countries and its people, because we can sell them things they don’t have and vice versa. I believe that we should not get involve in the interior problems the country has or that we should go to  “spread democracy”.  Is not our job to go and fix the political conflicts the country faces. Instead we should have a free trade relation that will benefit both Cubans and American workers. With an open and free trade we and other countries will have the opportunity to buy their products and this will  create more jobs for them.

By Ending the Cuba embargo we can help reunite families who have been separated  by the policies of their ex-dictator and now death Fidel Castro. Many Cubans who escaped their country  left their families and many Cubans die without seeing their country again.  This is inhumane because their ex dictator Fidel Castro lived a life of luxury, with all the privileges while its people live in poverty without the opportunity to advance. American tourist will be of great help to the economy of that country by going on vacation and spending their money. More hotels will open and this will create new jobs for many Cubans.

Months after the president announcement to normalize relations with Cuba, the Congress passed a bill that would allow the United States to do business with Cuba. I believe this is a great step in the right direction, because as a nation we have to practice what we preach which is capitalism. Instead of “spreading democracy” and going to wars in the name of liberty.




The Criminal System and Minorities


Mala Prohibita a term that is used to describe conduct that is prohibited by law but that is not inherently evil.  Mala Prohibita has been put in place since the colonial times when the immigrants from Ireland and Italy were gaining political power in the United States. Since then Mala Prohibita has been used by the criminal system to criminalize the behavior of the immigrants. This occurred because of the fear the English had against immigrants and their traditions. For example; prohibition on alcohol. The white conservatives considered drinking an immoral behavior and thus make it a crime and with this many poor Irish were taken to jail. Prohibition targeted immigrants and the poor. In a court case called Tennessee v. John Scopes a man was found guilty  for teaching the theory of evolution in his biology class. In this case the white conservatives criminalize the teachings of evolution because they found science threatening.

Since the 1950’s the 1950’s Mala Prohibita has changed and this happened with the victory of president Franklin Delano Roosevelt who ended alcohol prohibition and with this he ended a form of criminalization against minorities. Later in the 70’s the war of drug began and it targeted minorities, such as Latinos and blacks. But under George Bush and Obama this war started to end with the legalization of marijuana in some states like Colorado. This new laws have resulted in less incarcerations for drug possession. The benefits of this are that there will be a reduction of imamates for minor crimes on the overcrowded jails.

I believe society is becoming more liberal and crimes for immoral behavior are not being punished anymore.  When the government legalize something they win because they get to regulate those substances that are illegal and they can tax it. In an article called, “States Putting Hopes in ‘Bottoms Up’ to Help the Bottom Line”, an associate professor of economics mentions that the government is not truly concern about people health issues when raising taxes on alcohol, that their only concern is revenue; “Legislators can say it’s to protect health and reduce drunk driving, and that’s what can draw support, but the real motivation is revenue.”  To me it seems that every time there is a presidential election the criminal system becomes more liberal or more conservative depending on who wins. With this coming election if we have a liberal victory the country will continue to move left as if has happen in the Obama presidency and people are not going to be criminalized for actions that are defined as morally wrong by the conservatives. But if conservatives win then actions that are considered morally wrong will be considered crimes.


Severson, Kim. “States Putting Hopes in ‘Bottoms Up’ to Help the Bottom Line.” The New York Times. N.p., 28 Sept. 2011. Web. 27 Oct. 2016.

The hypocrisy of the left on the elections

This election is dividing people into two groups; minorities and Anglo-Saxon. Both candidates are using the language that their radical supporters on each side want to hear. But I am seeing a lot more hypocrisy from the Liberals and how they are brainwashing their supporters.

The Democrats attack the Republican candidate Donald Trump for his comments about wanting to deport all the undocumented Mexicans. They get really offended when Trump mentions that he will deport those criminals who are here illegally, but Democrat supporters did not got offended when in a series of WikiLeaks-exposed emails the Democrat party called us “taco voters” (Top Right News). Democrats have always demonstrated support for Latinos and minorities but only in words and not in action. Obama has deported more undocumented immigrants than any other administration. According to “Obama’s government has deported more than 2.5 million people—up 23% from the George W. Bush years. More shockingly, Obama is now on pace to deport more people than the sum of all 19 presidents who governed the United States from 1892-2000.” The saddest thing is that most Democrat supporters know this fact and they don’t care at all. They believe the Republicans are the evil ones who hate minorities for defending the values of freedom and the rule of law. They forget that Ronald Reagan a Republican president gave Amnesty to many. According to “in 1986, Ronald Reagan signed a sweeping immigration reform bill into law. The bill also made any immigrant who’d entered the country before 1982 eligible for amnesty.” It was a Republican who change the life of many undocumented immigrants. The intentions of Reagan were good because he wanted to help all these people but as we have seen they did not solve the issue of immigration because we still have a broken immigration system. Democrats supporters only care about the issue of immigration and believe the Democrats are right because they want to give amnesty instead of fixing the immigration system. They don’t see that the problem with this is that is not going to solve the issue, because in ten more years we are going to have the same problem.

The right thing and most effective will be to, secure the border, allow people who want to become residents and give work or student visas to those who only want to come here temporally. This will prevent people from putting their life on risk by crossing the border and it will keep families together. It will also put some order and organization on the immigration system of this country. This way we will always have a stable and welcoming immigration system.

Another form of contradiction in voters is how mad they get for the offensive and denigrating comments Trump has made about women in the past, but many of those supporters especially female artist doesn’t show any respect for their body and put women  as a sexual object. 14606315_1155680394522984_1450958777714447469_n.jpg

Not only this but the country is moving toward socialism, and big government. A system that many had in their own countries of origin. Many don’t see this but an example is control of the health system such as Obama care, on the education, and on how religion especially Catholicism should be run. They also don’t want citizens to have guns but the government has their own body guards armed. They said they value life but support the “rights” of women to kill its baby by supporting Planned Parenthood.


The media is using the topic of immigration to distract people from what is important, “the end of democracy, the end of liberty” Fr. Santiago Martin

In my option everyone has the right to vote for whom they like but they don’t have the right to not inform themselves. Because they will putting the country in hands of those who don’t practice what they preach. Or maybe this is only a political strategy to keep the left on power, and maybe this election will look like the one we had in 2012 in which they put in place the least capable or experienced candidate from the Republican party.

What we can do as people of this country is to educate ourselves before going out and vote because ignorance is expensive.


It’s time for a Libertarian Candidate

I  believe the GOP is going to sell this election to the Democrats the same way they did it  on  2012 when they sold the election to the Democrats  and choose a man of little intellect and ideas called Mitt Romney. Now we have another similar called Donald Trump.

At the beginning of the race the top candidate was Jeb Bush and later Donald Trump entered the race.

When Donald decided to run as president everything changed because he became a top candidate which make me believe that he was put there to make Democrats win. Because as soon as he starter to run the top candidates rating began to drop. Not only that but he has destroyed the Republican party. According to an article called “Is Donald Trump a Democratic secret agent” by BBC He’s pulling the party to the nativist right in direct conflict with the goal set by strategists in 2013 to appeal to a more ethnically diverse nation. And he’s generally sucking up all the political oxygen, making it harder for other candidates to get their message out. All in all, many experts say he’s making it much more difficult for a Republican to win the general election next fall. Maybe he’s doing it on purpose.” This can be a theory but he is dividing the party and his ideas that don’t make any sense are will take the country backwards to the wrong direction.

Donald Trump has ideas that will take us backwards where there is hate among all people because of their color of their skin and their social status. He is a man that does not offer any solutions or plans. He is not a real conservative neither a Libertarian and he will have more control of the government.

Hillary is a candidate that will continue the same policies of Obama. To name a few she believes that supporting the killing of innocent babies is fine when is not because they are people like her and I. She has also supported the use of natural gas instead of coal which has let many people out of work. Not only that but natural gas takes more energy than coal because we have ten more times coal than natural gas. She is also believes in having more control of the government.

Bernie Sanders is a candidate that will make this a communism country. He believes people should not own guns. Through history this is the first thing that communist countries have done to its people. They disarm them and then they control them. He also wants the government to have control of education and of the health system. He  also believes is the right of the government to take the money away from those who work hard and give it to the poor. He wants to raise taxes on the rich only because  he believes that is “equality” but real equality will be to to have a everyone pay the same percent of taxes and encourage people to work instead of having them live out of welfare.

All these three candidates will take the country on the opposite direction of how it was founded. They will make the government bigger, civil liberties will disappear, the constitution will not longer be useful it will be a historical document and nothing else. And most important the people will loose power.

I think is the time to find the candidate that has the libertarian mind and ideas that had made this country great.






A Nation of Immigrants: Syrian Refugee Bill

I have never been against immigrants entering this country. Being an immigrant myself I believe that is us who have made this country  a great nation. This country was founded by immigrants and continues to be great country were  people from different parts of the world can raise their standard of living through hard work and education.

Today the Senate voted on the  bill H.R. 4038-American Security Act Against Foreign Enemies (SAFE) Act. According to U.S. News;  “The Senate fell short of the three-fifths needed to move ahead. The vote was 55-43.”  This refugee bill, which passed the House last year is dead and President Obama had warmed that he would veto the bill if it made to his desk. This bill would have allowed more immigrants from the middle east to enter this country but with more restriction. According to; “The House bill explained by the Hill would prevent any refugees form Syria or Iraq from being admitted to the U.S unless the FBI, Department of Homeland Intelligence can certify to Congress that each refugee does not pose a security threat.” I don’t see any problem with this bill because is not closing the doors to any immigrants it is only to make sure that those immigrants who are  criminals do not enter the country. The Obama administration does the same thing with immigrants from Mexico and Central America . He sends back home those who commit a crime. I hope that for the good of this country we can pass a bill that makes us safe and welcomes immigrants who want to pursue the American Dream.

Paul Ryan Speaker of the House made a great statement today which I totally agree with:

“By blocking this measure, Senate Democrats are making it that much harder for us to keep Americans safe. Their vote is irresponsible in a time of grave threats. Even the administration’s top law-enforcement officials say there are gaps in our refugee program that terrorists can exploit. Our approach balances security and compassion, and it was backed by a veto-proof majority in the House. We will continue to look for common ground to protect the homeland and defeat the threat posed by ISIS and radical Islamic terror.”

He is right we have to protect this country so that we can continue  to be the great nation we have always been.