The first presidential debate is taking place today, and it would be in the State of Ohio. In this first debate only the top ten candidates would be allowed to participate, something that I believe is not fair. I think everyone who is running for president of the United States should have the opportunity to speak.

In the past the public has not taken the political debate seriously because  moderators did not make the right questions. Many times they ask questions about the personal life of the candidate and this makes candidates to not be taken seriously by the people. I believe the debate should last longer and moderators should ask important questions.

In this first presidential debate we are not going to see anything new. Most of the public is aware of where candidates stand on issues, such as immigration, health care, the terrorist group ISIS and Iran. There might be a Spanish speaking news moderator-asking candidate Donald Trump or Ted Cruz how they stand on immigration.

The candidate that I believe is going to have more media coverage is Donald Trump. He is a candidate that has a lot of attention because his not a career politician and because he is radical in his comments. But I really hope this debate turns out to be more serious than in the past years.


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