Rand Paul, A great debater

The moderators of the Republican debate had really good questions; I believe these questions were of interest to the public. The only downside of this debate was that not all candidates got the same amount of time to speak. The two candidates that got the most time were Donald Trump and  Jeb Bush.

The candidate that got the lowest amount of time to speak was Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul. This is something that damages the debate and it makes viewers to not take it seriously because in a real debate every person has to get the same amount of time so that people can have the opportunity to know more about the candidate they like.

It has been almost a week that this debate took place and it is not clear to the public who has won. The reason is because some spoke less time than others, but in my view the candidate who was able to respond to its opposition and also present with clarity his proposals was Senator Rand Paul.

Some claim that Senator Rand Paul was really aggressive because he was not being politically correct. In contrast, I believe that he was an excellent debater and that all should be like him. He was able to sell himself as someone different, someone who we can trust that he will follow the laws of this country, and someone who will do what he says.

If all candidates had gotten the same amount of time we could probably have a winner, and in my view it will have been Rand Paul.


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