I think that as Latinos in this country we should not only worry about the issue of immigration when elections come as we always do. When is election time we only support the candidate or party who promise us amnesty, as if amnesty is the only issue that matters. This is a big issue that has been going on for years and that is why we always end up choosing a person who is not qualified to run this country.

We should change that mentality and care about other issues, such as civil liberties, war on drugs, war in other countries ,the expansion of government, and also the war on religion because these issues are of interest to all of us not just to one group of people.

If we choose for president a person who supports abortion or who supports invading other countries but is in favor of amnesty we are in big trouble because we are choosing somebody who does not care about anyone, not even about fixing the problem of illegal immigration.

For this coming election we should think about a candidate that cares about people, everybody and doing good to others.

This link in here provides a great conversation about how Latinos don’t care about other issue and why we have to change that mentality.


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