The Second Presidential Debate

The second presidential debate will be held in California today at the Ronald Reagan Library. It will be an exciting debate because the two stars will be Rand Paul and Donald Trump the two opposites. The first one is a real conservative and the other one a public figure with no ideas who is always switching sides.

Donald Trump has become popular for speaking against immigrants and for attacking others candidate’s stands on issues, but he has never offered any real solutions neither does he advocates for liberty or for a small limited government.

In contrast Rand Paul is a real conservative and the only real Republican that defends the ideas that founded this country and the civil rights of all the people.

The rest of the candidates are more likely to attack Donald Trump. It would also be great to hear Trump offer any real solutions for the first time, and to let the voters know why he is a “real conservative”. In this debate Rand will keep exposing Trump and proving that he is a fake conservative who buys and sells politicians.

In this second debate I hope to see that all candidates have the same time to speak and that not all questions are directly towards Trump and Bush.1fdc56b3070dfe288553f20ebb49e92a_400x400


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