Pope Francis visit to the United States: My hopes and expectations

Pope Francis visit to the United States is something that makes me happy because the current issue that concerns the Pope is the family. This is the year the Vatican has dedicated it to the family. The Pope would be talking about the importance of the unity of the family and on the importance of children having both parents.

I believe that the Pope choose to come to this country because we are in family crisis. Most families are separated and children growth up having a stepmother and stepfather, or in other cases parents work all day and they are not at home. This leads to teenagers who growth up feeling lonely and who end up in violent relationships or who end up being teenage mothers.

Not only that but also there are teenage boys who end up in gangs because they feel insecure and they end up killing innocent people, or students who create bombs and kill people in public places. This has been happening a lot and the main issue that I see in here is the family.

If more parents decided to stay together as family and support their children by being more involved with them, then there would be more children who would growth up feeling more secure and ready to do great things in their lives. Is also important that parents teach children values such as the love and respect for other people.

I hope that with the visit of the Pope we can began the conversation of how to help families who are in crisis so because every children deserves to have a stable family.



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