Rand Paul Second Debate

The Second presidential debate went really good for Senator Rand Paul. The debate lasted three hours and I believe that was good because candidates had more time to speak. The only problem was that the moderators did not asked excellent questions they wasted a lot of time asking personal questions of no interest to the public.

Most candidates were attacking Trump because in the three hours of the debate he keep saying things that did not had any sense. He acted as if nothing matters. He only emphasize what he has been saying throught the campaign, which is that he is going to create a wall in at the South border with Mexico, and that he is going to make this country great with the use of force and war. But he never proposed any real solutions to the problems of this country.

Jeb Bush and Donald Trump were the ones that had the most attention because they kept fighting with each other and Bush contradicted himself many times.

Rick Santorum was part of the first debate that took two hours and he did really well he looked very secure he answered really well. Another candidate that did really good was Carly Fiorina, she answered really well. I believe that her response to the legalization of marijuana was the best I have ever hear. She said that marijuana should be legal but that it should be treated as and addiction problem for those that suffer. She also proposed solutions to all the conflicts in the Middle East and spoke with clarity and confidence.

Rand Paul was another candidate that did excellent; he proposed great ideas he never contradicted himself and he defended the Constitution.

I believe that these three candidates Rand, Fiorina and Santorum did great in this debate. They were not the ones who spoke the most but they were the ones who spoke clear and who demonstrated why they deserve to be the next president of the United States.



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