Obama State of the Union Speech: Broken Promises

In his speech president Barack Obama demonstrated that he has not accomplished any of the things he promised eight year ago when he won for president of the United States.

When Obama became president of the United States many people had high expectations of him. They thought that he was going to bring a real change . But instead he continue to expand the Bush agenda. He has not close Guantanamo, he has not done anything to fix the immigration system, he renew the Patriot Act (which violates the civil liberties of all the people living in this country). With his health care reform he has force all people to buy insurance or pay a fee for not having one. His actions are contrary to the ideals that founded this country.

The funny thing is that in his speech he mentioned that he strongly believes in the values of  liberty and in a free market system that make the United States a great nation. In this I agree with the comment of governor Gary Johnson who said the following in his twitter account; “Too often, I find myself agreeing with what Obama says. More often, it’s what he does that’s the problem.” Governor Gary Johnson is right in his statement because president Obama words are not the problem, the problem are his actions that go against what he says.



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