It’s time for a Libertarian Candidate

I  believe the GOP is going to sell this election to the Democrats the same way they did it  on  2012 when they sold the election to the Democrats  and choose a man of little intellect and ideas called Mitt Romney. Now we have another similar called Donald Trump.

At the beginning of the race the top candidate was Jeb Bush and later Donald Trump entered the race.

When Donald decided to run as president everything changed because he became a top candidate which make me believe that he was put there to make Democrats win. Because as soon as he starter to run the top candidates rating began to drop. Not only that but he has destroyed the Republican party. According to an article called “Is Donald Trump a Democratic secret agent” by BBC He’s pulling the party to the nativist right in direct conflict with the goal set by strategists in 2013 to appeal to a more ethnically diverse nation. And he’s generally sucking up all the political oxygen, making it harder for other candidates to get their message out. All in all, many experts say he’s making it much more difficult for a Republican to win the general election next fall. Maybe he’s doing it on purpose.” This can be a theory but he is dividing the party and his ideas that don’t make any sense are will take the country backwards to the wrong direction.

Donald Trump has ideas that will take us backwards where there is hate among all people because of their color of their skin and their social status. He is a man that does not offer any solutions or plans. He is not a real conservative neither a Libertarian and he will have more control of the government.

Hillary is a candidate that will continue the same policies of Obama. To name a few she believes that supporting the killing of innocent babies is fine when is not because they are people like her and I. She has also supported the use of natural gas instead of coal which has let many people out of work. Not only that but natural gas takes more energy than coal because we have ten more times coal than natural gas. She is also believes in having more control of the government.

Bernie Sanders is a candidate that will make this a communism country. He believes people should not own guns. Through history this is the first thing that communist countries have done to its people. They disarm them and then they control them. He also wants the government to have control of education and of the health system. He  also believes is the right of the government to take the money away from those who work hard and give it to the poor. He wants to raise taxes on the rich only because  he believes that is “equality” but real equality will be to to have a everyone pay the same percent of taxes and encourage people to work instead of having them live out of welfare.

All these three candidates will take the country on the opposite direction of how it was founded. They will make the government bigger, civil liberties will disappear, the constitution will not longer be useful it will be a historical document and nothing else. And most important the people will loose power.

I think is the time to find the candidate that has the libertarian mind and ideas that had made this country great.