Capitalism in Cuba?

According to the RT news, Fidel Castro the former leader of Cuba has died today November 25, 2016 at 90. Can his death and the end of the Cuba Embargo bring capitalism to Cuba?

By ending the Cuba embargo we can have fair trade with them. This would benefit both countries and its people, because we can sell them things they don’t have and vice versa. I believe that we should not get involve in the interior problems the country has or that we should go to  “spread democracy”.  Is not our job to go and fix the political conflicts the country faces. Instead we should have a free trade relation that will benefit both Cubans and American workers. With an open and free trade we and other countries will have the opportunity to buy their products and this will  create more jobs for them.

By Ending the Cuba embargo we can help reunite families who have been separated  by the policies of their ex-dictator and now death Fidel Castro. Many Cubans who escaped their country  left their families and many Cubans die without seeing their country again.  This is inhumane because their ex dictator Fidel Castro lived a life of luxury, with all the privileges while its people live in poverty without the opportunity to advance. American tourist will be of great help to the economy of that country by going on vacation and spending their money. More hotels will open and this will create new jobs for many Cubans.

Months after the president announcement to normalize relations with Cuba, the Congress passed a bill that would allow the United States to do business with Cuba. I believe this is a great step in the right direction, because as a nation we have to practice what we preach which is capitalism. Instead of “spreading democracy” and going to wars in the name of liberty.





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